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School Dress

Schedule Of Class Wise Dress Code

For Play Group To Nursery (Monday to Friday)

Boys :Yellow T-shirt+Green Pant+Black Shoes+Blue Socks.

Girls:Yellow T-shirt+Green Skirt+Black Shoes+Blue Socks.

For L.K.G to Fifth (Monday to Friday)

Boys :School shirt+Green Pant+Black Shoes+Blue Socks.

Girls:School shirt+Green Skirt+Black Shoes+Blue Socks.

For Play School To Fifth (Every Saturday)

Boys :Yellow T-shirt+White Pant+White Shoes+White Socks.

Girls:Yellow T-shirt+White Skirt+White Shoes+White Socks.

Open 6 days INFO
Our Young Pre classroom is for ages. Please go through the timing available on our website